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Additional Add-on Treatment


With each of these treatments, a final specialized mask and skin specific ampoule can be included for an additional $45.00. These masks include collagen fiber masks, protocol masks that treat sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines, and algae cooling masks that firm and tone the skin.


Rotary brush exfoliation can be added on to a facial or body treatment, or used as a treatment on its own. Rotary brushes cleanse the skin by brushing away dirt, sebum and other impurities, working both on the skin's surface and inside the pores. These brushes can also be used for the removal of minor callouses on hands or feet. Add this service to a facial for $45, or enquire for a quote for treatment of whatever area you desire.

Lymphatic Drainage

Using a vacuum device with glass cups, we can increase lymphatic drainage and remove toxins from the skin, while at the same time increasing circulation (bringing nutrition and oxygen to the skin's surface). This temporarily improves your skin's appearance, promoting a youthful look. $60 per treatment.

High-Frequency Electrode

Using one of several different electrodes, a painless high-frequency current is applied to the skin, with multiple healthful effects. For instance, the current has a germicidal effect on the skin, useful for acne patients or after peels or electrolysis. The current can also promote absorption of products deeper into the layers of the skin, and can provide deep heat without affecting the underlying muscle. $45 per treatment.

Galvanic Electrodes

The application of negative polarity using galvanic current provides desincrustation— the softening and removal of hardened sebum from the skin. When positively polarized current is induced, iontophoresis occurs, allowing the penetration of water-soluble solutions into the deeper layers of the skin, which can promote healing in some people. $55 per treatment.

Ultrasonic Waves

The induction of ultrasonic vibrations at a high frequency (1 MHz— i.e., one million vibrations per second) helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and promotes younger, firmer, healthier-looking skin. Additionally, the vibrations generate a gentle heat, promoting circulation, muscle relaxation, and the breakdown of excess fat. An excellent post-surgery treatment as well. $50 per treatment.

Cold & Hot Hammer

While the cool side helps reduce red spots, calms the skin, and reduces pain, the hot side provides warmth, aids in the absorption of skin care products, and increases circulation. $50 per treatment.

Woods Lamp

Blacklight (i.e. UV light) aids in the analysis of the condition of one's skin, revealing patches of dryness, oily skin, sensitive areas, hyperpigmentation, fungal/viral infections, et cetera. This service is provided free of charge.

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